This Week’s Kelpfolk Feature: Katie Sweeney

This Week’s Kelpfolk Feature: Katie Sweeney


Katie Sweeney


Passion – what drives you?

My passion has always been the ocean & leading a healthy, active lifestyle!


Favourite Psych Tune:

Hmmmmm I have so many I love music I constantly listen from the moment I wake up to when I sleep! Depends on the mood but some of my favourites are “The Lights” – ATELLER & Phase One and also “Mount Everest by Labrinth



Favourite Surf Spot:

My favourite surf spot would have to be Brandon bay or inch reef as I remember catching my first green wave at inch beach when I was 15 in Kerry & ill never forget that moment, my dad was screaming with excitement on the beach! Kerry has a place in my heart always as my grandparents are from there so I spent lots of my childhood down there.


Favourite Kelpman Flavour:

My favourite flavour of Kelpman is the Tropical Coconut as it goes so good in my smoothies!


Other Hobbies/Interests:

I grew up around the ocean, my dad was an incredible kayaker & my mum an insane windsurfer so watersports was in all of us, they opened an adventure centre in Dunmore East at 22 with there best friend so me and my brothers all grew up working in the industry. I am a qualified windsurfing, sailing, kayaking etc instructor so that’s been my life for years, I kept surfing as my hobby as my dad said its always good to leave some passions as hobbies not work.

I also was a competitive swimmer but got a back injury at 17 which is all healed & had to quit but I look at it in a positive way as I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now. I fell in love with the gym years ago when I was about 19, for a good few years after school I just worked in the summers as an instructor & travelled the winters while also sometimes teaching swimming or lifeguarding. I knew I needed to find another way of earning income as being an instructor was seasonal so I decided to do my PT qualifications in 2019 & started my own business ‘ The Fitness Beach Bum’ combining both my love for the ocean & fitness with my studio located in Dunmore East Harbour looking over the sea but also specific surf fitness training! Its been a journey starting in a pandemic but I love what I do & my parents are my inspiration as I started my business when I was also 22.


What would your spirit animal be & why?

My spirit animal would have to be either a dolphin wild, free & happy or my dog Layla, I was mad at 19 & got a dog but she’s been the best thing & we have travelled so much together! This is your sign to get a dog haha!



Thank you to Katie for your inspiring words and way of living! 

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