Our roots run deep within these Wild Atlantic waters. For millennia generations have harvested the photosynthetic algae native to our shores. These species have nourished our culture and fed our livestock, replenished the nutrients within our soils. We now even look to this miracle macroalgae for climate change solutions. Has there ever existed such a dynamic species? Once held with disregard due to associations with poverty and desperate times, seaweed is making a deserved comeback.

Did you know that Kelp is a keystone species?

Through the creation of a densely structured habitat species of kelp dramatically increase marine biodiversity. Other marine species thrive within the safe haven that these algae provide. Think of it as an architect of an underwater forest in which marine flora and fauna coexist within their very own ecosystem. An ecosystem that is engineered via the process of carbon capture and storage.

Yep, that’s right. Kelp absorbs atmospheric carbon through primary production which, in turn, develops into biomass.

In other words, it grows bigger fast! Kelp can grow up to 60 cm in only one day! This incredibly fast growth rate is why Kelp is so effective at removing CO2. Coastal ecosystems have in fact become so effective at doing this, that they can sequester 20 times more carbon per acre than terrestrial forests. This is exactly why kelp is the most effective natural way of absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere.

A sustainable source of protein.

So how can we harvest this valuable resource without causing widespread environmental damage? Well the answer to this question has to be tackled from two completely different perspectives. That of Wild harvest or farmed. When we talk about Wild harvest we refer to the removal of natural stocks of Seaweed from within their present habitat. This is the oldest form of Seaweed harvesting that has been carried out within Irish shores for over four thousand years. Nowadays, these rights are maintained by a select number of families that have inherited this entitlement via generations of their forefathers. The very nature of this activity is crucially governed by the strictest of guidelines that outline ecological surveying and continual monitoring activities to define best harvesting practices. Certain endemic species that are yet to be commercially farmed are only available on a seasonal basis through wild harvesting methods. These include Sleabhac (our native species of Nori – Porphyra sp.), Dulse, Sea spaghetti and Carrageen.

No artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

When we refer to farmed Seaweed, we specifically define the art of growing species of Kelp (Laminarian genus) – Atlantic Wakame and Sugar Kelp being the most common farmed species within our shores. So how does it differ? Well quite the opposite to what you would expect in that the aquaculture (farming) of macroalgae is in fact a sustainable industry that is immensely beneficial for the marine environment. This activity is carried out through the suspension of juvenile spores (fertilised eggs) from a long line system that is deployed in the open ocean and held afloat by buoys. The juvenile kelp species in turn form a vertical column within the water which is allowed to grow from winter to late spring before being harvested. What is truly amazing about this sustainable form of aquaculture is that it does not require any nutrients, artificial fertilizers or pesticides to grow. Once deployed, the growth of this species actually cleans the surrounding environment through the absorption of inorganic wastes such as ammonia and nitrates.

That’s it. No nasty surprises.

We pride ourselves on the creation of a novel concept. The combination of plant and ocean derived nutrition. What that means is all our products are 100% plant based and vegan friendly. They don’t contain any hidden surprises such as wheat, soy, gluten, dairy, additives, fillers or sugar alcohols. All our ingredients are derived from sustainable aquaculture and agricultural practices which are free from all Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Ocean derived Nutrition – from Ireland.

Every single product in the Kelpman range is infused with a minimum of three different species of wild harvested Irish Seaweed – Kelp, Dulse and Nori. Truly unrivaled by any land vegetable on the planet, seaweed is unique due to its harmonious balance of elements. Within its rich nutritional profile exists a unique combination of all 56 vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and micronutrients essential for human health. These unparalleled properties exist due to the algae’s ability to absorb nutrients directly from the sun and its surrounding environment – the Ocean. You can be assured that every time you consume Kelpman Ocean Blends, you are ingesting the cleanest and purest nutrition – directly from the Atlantic Ocean.