Our Wild Atlantic Plant Protein is the first clean protein to harness the power of the Atlantic Ocean.

FLOW+PERFORM unites 6 sources of highly absorbable proteins that include a combination of Hemp, Golden Pea & Wild Atlantic Supergreens to create a complete protein. We use only the highest quality EU Hemp seed & Golden pea protein to create a smooth refined flavour that truly distinguishes our products from the rest. All products in the Kelpman Ocean Blends range are sourced responsibly and sustainably as well as vegan and gluten free.

We support an environmentally sustainable concept and cultural Identity.

We believe in a circular economy and supporting the development of sustainable industries within our own shores. We also believe in conservation of the marine environment for generations to come. That is why seaweed farming in rural Irish coastal communities is an industry that we are 100% behind. Not only does this sustainable form of aquaculture supply us with the purest and cleanest of Irish superfoods, but this humble activity provides a vital habitat that is scientifically proven to increase marine biodiversity while absorbing atmospheric carbon.

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