Why do we create
our protein blends
with Irish Seaweeds?

We believe in a circular economy and supporting the development of sustainable industries within our own shores. We also believe in conservation of the marine environment for generations to come. That is why seaweed farming in rural Irish coastal communities

That's why the Irish kelp farming industry is something that we can 100% get behind.

Not only does this sustainable form of aquaculture supply us with the purest and cleanest of Irish superfoods, but this humble activity provides a vital habitat that is scientifically proven to increase marine biodiversity while absorbing atmospheric carbon.

Sustainable Practices

As individuals who live and breathe an ocean inspired lifestyle we're committed towards its conservation for generations to come.

Through creativity and innovation we aim to increase the demand for raw, native Wild Atlantic ingredients.

Thus igniting the flame towards the development of a carbon neutral industry that increases marine biodiversity and habitat.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

All of our packaging is eco-friendly and can be recycled or fully biodegradable in 10 weeks!

Our Sprout Pods are also fully compostable and can also be used as little germination pots for wildflower seeds with are also included in the Sprout Box taster pack!

Ethics & Responsible Sourcing

Our sourcing policy is simple. We source our ingredients locally wherever possible from within our own shores or within the EU.

In the case of speciality ingredients our policy is to source directly from their ancestral origins.

We believe that whole-foods endemic to certain regions should be respected and that indigenous people should remain in control of their environment and cultivation.

We believe that kelp forests serve an undervalued role
in supporting marine biodiversity and offsetting global carbon emissions.

We support the development of sustainable open ocean kelp farming within our coastal communities. Part of our mission is to increase awareness of the unique habitat & diverse range of species that kelp forests sustain while
also providing an immeasurable environmental science.


Our team

Founder & Managing Director
Creative Lead
Marketing Executive

We're all so laid back, it would be fair to describe us as a horizontal organisation. When we are vertical though; we are a surfer, a hiker and a skateboarder respectively.

Media resources and contact

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